EAJC Medal Awarded to Famous Publisher
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                  EAJC Medal Awarded to Famous Publisher

                  Michael Greenberg and Michael Chlenov

                  EAJC Medal Awarded to Famous Publisher


                  The opening night for the exhibition “20 Years of the Return of Jewish Books in Russian to Russia” took place on the 23rd of March, in the Oval hall of the M. I. Rudomino Pan-Russian State Library of International Literature. The exhibition was jointly prepared by the Library and the Association “Bridges of Culture/Gesharim.” The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) was represented by the Secretary General, professor Michael Chlenov.
                  Speakers included Director of the Foreign Literature Library Ekateryna Genieva, Director of the MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies Mikhail S. Mayer, Executive Vice President of the Russian Jewish Congress Velvl Chernin, President of the Near East Institute Evgeniy Satanovsky, and others.
                  The evening ended with the awarding of the highest EAJC award – the “For Merits” medal – to the director general of the “Bridges of Culture/Gesharim” publishing house Michael Greenberg. When presenting the award, the EAJC Secretary General, Professor Michael Chlenov underscored that, “according to the opinion of many qualified readers, 'Gesharim' is the best publishing house that publishes books on Jewish topics in Russian today. Year after year it enriches Russian Jews, wherever they might live, with Jewish books of the highest level. Their constant level of intellectuality, great quality of the text and edition, and reader demand – these publishing policies of 'Gesharim' are undoubtedly the achievement of Michael Greenberg, who has been defining this policy for many years now.”